Frequently Accessed Data Layers

Frequently Accessed Data Layers
A collection of commonly used GIS datasets for Tennessee.  Most data are maintained in Tennessee State Plane, NAD83, units feet,  to enable overlay and integration functions, and are organized by theme.  


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Valuable Spatial Data Links

NRCS Data Gateway - 
Available Data – Watershed Boundaries, DRGs, USGS Quadrangle Indexes, Elevation Data, Imagery, Land Use Data, Crop Data, Geographic Names, Geology, Soils.

USGS NHD (National Hydrography Dataset) –
Available Data – Watershed Boundaries, Streams and Rivers, Waterbodies

Tennessee OIR GIS State Basemap Program -
Available Data – Cadastral Data, DFIRM, Education, Legislative, Transportation, Imagery

Administrative Divisions

County Boundaries       

County Seat Locations       

City Limits

Physical Geography

Watersheds (HUC - 12 digit and 8 digit) - NEW!!       

Detailed Streams       

Scenic Rivers

303D Streams - NEW! 2006 draft


Land Cover       

Public Lands       

Soils (STATSGO - 1:250,000)

Soils (SSURGO - 1:20,000)     

Wetlands (NWI)


Interstate Highways - mile posts, ramps, road segments, road descriptions, road geometry


7.5' Quad Grid       

7.5' Quad Maps of Tennessee Coal Fields (DWG)       

National Grid for Tennessee       

Aerial Photographs of the Tennessee Coalfield